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College Scholarships for Some Strange Hobbies

Although we are in graduation season already, we at thought it would be a great opportunity to prove that, if you can think of it, there is a college scholarship for it.  No, really, just about everything under the sun has at least some sort of strange or obscure scholarship opportunity attached to it.  Everything from speaking “fake” languages to having a rocking milk moustache can be your key to higher education.  Don’t believe us?  Here’s some proof that, no matter what your interests are or where your talents lie, there is something out there that applies to you.

Perhaps the weirdest of all is the duck calling scholarship.  This strange college scholarship comes courtesy of Stuttgart, Kansas, and honors the city’s duck calling champions and manufacturers, and is raised through a variety of duck-related industries.  Shrug if you may, but the first place winner gets $2000 while the runners-up receive anywhere from $1000 to $500 each.  Sure, it might seem a little ridiculous, but if it helps get you in the door, and it helps keep your wallet a little fatter, then we might have to start buffing up on our duck calling skills ourselves.

Many people think that they have an eye for fashion.  If you believe that you fall into that category and tend to be the creative type as well, then the National Make It Yourself with Wool Competition is a great opportunity to earn a college scholarship Why wool?  Because the competition is sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association.  The only catch is that you need to make something out of either 100% wool or a 60% wool blend.  Maybe grandma was on to something all those years.  Just be aware that you are also going to have to model the garment yourself as well.

If you have never heard of the SAMMY, then you are not alone.  SAMMY stands for the Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year, and it is exactly what it sounds like.  Winning this college scholarship is determined by academic performance, athletic excellence, leadership, community service, and milk experience.  And it is not a paltry sum of money they give you, either.  Instead, each of the 25 winners receives $7,500.  Suddenly lactose intolerance looks like a much more debilitating condition, but we are sure that there is a scholarship program for those of you out there too.  You just have to look hard enough.

Ever hear of the Klingons?  Yes, as in the Star Trek Klingons.  Well, Trekkies, you are in luck.  The Klingon Language Institute offers a $500 college scholarship
to anyone studying languages, and no, fluency in Klingon is not needed for qualification.  Although many do not know, there are a number of people that speak actually do speak Klingon.  Lord of the Rings or Tolkien fans are probably aware that Klingon is not the only “made up” language developed from pop culture.  Klingon, Black Speech (the language of the orcs), and Elvish are all actual, legitimate languages, if only used by the most geeky among us.

Pay Back Taxes; Some Companies in Need of Back Tax Help

We recently spoke of some notable celebrities who had some trouble for failure to Pay Back Taxes. We stumbled across a story today about a company that was financed by US tax dollars (for the somewhat paltry sum of $33 million) and not only did the company go bankrupt but now still owes $1.5million in back taxes. Raser Technologies was given a $33 million dollar grant in 2010 to build a “green” power plant in Utah only to collapse like a house of cards amidst accusations of political shenanigans and financial impropriety.  While we won’t get political it did give us an idea to explore further some well known or high profile companies that have had problems paying back taxes.

Continuing our list, we would be remiss to not go with some very low hanging fruit of Warren Buffet and his little mom and pop known as Berkshire Hathaway.  And after reading this,  private citizens looking for help to pay back taxes probably do not feel quite so bad, provided the amount owed in back taxes is less than one billion dollars. According to Berkshire Hathaway’s official 2010 report the company has been in a struggle with the IRS dating back to 2002.One website even went as so far to speculate that Berkshire Hathaway may owe as much as one billion dollars. Without looking at the record book-we are positive this may be the largest back tax amount owed in US History.

Zuccotti Park made headlines recently as the occupy Wall Street movement chose Zuccotti Park as their official headquarters and rallying point of the movement.  Those who looked deeper into Zuccotti park and more importantly, the owners of Zuccotti park discovered that park owner Brookfield Properties and its parent company owe the city more the $139,000 in their failure to pay back taxes. We could probably list just a few of the ironies of the whole sordid affair. Merely the gall and audacity of those facts alone speaks volumes.

On a similar note, one county in Michigan decided to take on a true heavyweight when it was discovered that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were not complying with tax laws when a Fannie and Freddie owned property was sold.  Oakland County treasurer Andy Meisner discovered that Fannie and Freddie’s refusal to pay back taxes had resulted in the loss of $1.6 million to the County and $10.8 million to the state.   “We think it’s a pretty strong case,” Meisner was on record as saying. “There are some very inconvenient truths that Fanny and Freddie are working around.”  Fannie and Freddie claimed that as a government entity they were excluded from regulations that extended to private companies…even though Freddie and Fannie are publicly traded companies that actually has the words “a private company serving a public purpose” on its own website.

Something tell us that we are just scratching the surface as to some major companies and corporations that are failing to pay back taxes. Sadly time and space limitations are prohibiting us from doing more research on the subject. However, we can say that for those looking for help for information and online ebooks providing information on how to pay back taxes; is your premiere source for back tax, college scholarship, and how to get a grant information.

How to Get a Grant Guide from Grace Forms

It never ceases to amuse us how there seems to be an air of mystery regarding How to get a Grant. Seems like the government must have millions sitting around simply waiting for someone to submit a request on a three by five index card and thus be awarded a windfall. The truth is always in the middle and in this case the answer is “Yes,” there are legitimate ways to go about winning a government grant at your behest. The trick therein is finding out to qualify for these funds and what is the quickest way to make it happen.

Some other misinformation directly relating to scholarships and grants is what type of categories are available for those looking for assistance.  Unlike scholarships, grants can not only include educational pursuits but also invention development, business assistance, even grants for pursuing artistic endeavors are available for those who know how to get a grant and more importantly-request them.  There are even grants just for general living expenditures and living expenses. Single Mother? Without looking at the official guide to government grants we are willing to be there are hundreds if not thousands of grants for single mothers and working mothers available. That in itself is almost the beauty of the grant….there are no parameters to who, what, and how to qualify.

We know there officially well over 30,000 foundation grant sources ready to make funds available for those who qualify. We have heard that there are grants specifically created for people who are left handed, people who have red hair, vegetarians, people who are good at welding, and believe it or not people who are prolific duck callers. Yes you read that correctly, when you ask yourself the question of  “How to get a grant?” first ask yourself am I a left handed, red headed, vegetarian welder?

Of course we are being a bit silly but it only goes to emphasize that almost anyone can qualify for a grant no matter who they are or what they are looking for.  Also of note is the wide and vast array of grant types. This is important and the sheer number of grants can be a daunting and overwhelming process. Being able to pinhole a specific type of grant will help to cut through the research and greatly speed up the process of “How to get a grant.”  Our Grant Guide can give all of the information you need and more to see exactly what you may qualify for and what is the best, most efficient way to get the funds you need for  the reasons you need it.

There are different types of grants that can come from different sources. When we ask the question of “How to get a grant” we never consider are there Federal and State grants? Are there City and County Grants?  We empathize with those in need of a government or state grant as getting the critical information is not easy to find. We love the idea of millions downloading our online Ebook and cutting through the potatoes to get to the meat, as they say. Our online grant guide gives timely information on grants making foundations you never knew existed.

Back Child Support Online Ebooks; Histories Prolific Offspring

Back child support is something that no one wants to deal with, but for those with children and not married to the other parent, this can quickly become a burden to your everyday life as well as your actual freedom.  For many who cannot make the payments, there is a genuine desire to want to do right to both baby and “baby mama”, but after some time, the responsibility seems to wear off for some–especially when you owe child support to 11 different women because of the 30 different children you have with them.

Yes, you heard right.  Thirty children.  Back child support to thirty children, with 11 different mothers.  That is the Mount Olympus-sized obstacle standing in the way of Desmond Hackett, as the 33-year old man attempts to get a reduction in his child support payments.  Shockingly–in the least sincere sense of the word–Hackett is unable to support all these children with his minimum-wage job, and the state is already taking 50% of his pay.  It is hard to feel sympathy for Hackett, as the man is putting not only himself, his children, and the mothers of his children in a pickle, but also the state of Tennessee.

In fact, aside from celebrities, royalty, or polygamist sects, Hackett has the most legitimately fathered illegitimate children ever.  It sounds like a weird way of phrasing it, but, aside from non-royal, non-celeb, non-polygamists; there was a fertility doctor who illegitimately fathered the most illegitimate children by using his own sperm to impregnate his patients who has more than double the amount of children Hackett does.  Back child support does not seem like such a huge obstacle when the unscrupulous doctor (who fathered 75 children) received prison time and a revocation of his medical license.

The winner for the most fathered children, and largest back child support nightmare, though, is Moulay Ismaïl Ibn Sharif, the 18th century Moroccan sultan.  According to some accounts, Sharif fathered as many as 867 children.  Of those children, 525 happened to be sons, while 342 were daughters.  Although Sharif was a sultan, 867 children undoubtedly would have put a hurt on his finances far worse than Hackett’s.  It is unknown how many wives and concubines were made into mothers by Sharif, but it suffices to say that it is probably a lot more than the 11 that Hackett is currently doling out his paycheck to.

Imagine if Hackett had to pay back child support for all his descendants, though.  Even though Genghis Khan only had four sons, he is thought to have descendents numbering in the millions, going as high as 16 million.  If Genghis was alive today, and was required to pay the minimum payment ($1.49) that Hackett must each month, that would result in a grand total payment of $23,840,000 per month.  Who knows, maybe Hackett will be the next Genghis Khan, and six centuries down the line, 60 million people have a direct lineage to him.  Maybe he is on to something…nah, he isn’t.

Grace Forms Adoption Guides and Ebooks; Notable Figures of Adoption is revolutionizing the way we get information. Regardless if you are looking for Back Tax Help, How to get a scholarship, or in the case of today’s blog regarding Adoption Guide Ebooks, GraceForms will be your premiere source of information and an easy way to get what you are looking for.  We know a lot about adoption….and we mean A LOT! So it was interesting that during one of our discussion meetings we started asking the question of “Who are some well known celebrities who were adopted?”  We had thought that we had covered all areas of the adoption process and answering the question of “How to Adopt a Child” until this subject came up. As a matter of fact, we found the subject so fascinating that we thought we would share it with you.

You do not have to be a sports fan to know the name of Babe Ruth. He is arguably the most legendary and towering figure in our countries history when it comes to sports.  He was also adopted.  Of course that was long before anyone had even thought up the notion of online adoption guide’s. As a matter of fact Ruth was 7 years old and the year was 1902 when his father sent him to the St Mary’s Industrial School for boys. It was at the orphanage and reform school where Ruth learned the game of baseball. The rest they say is History.

And while he may not be as famous as McDonalds architect Ray Kroc, Wendy’s founder,  owner, and CEO Dave Thomas was also a notable figure in the Unites States who adopted. Adopted at birth, his mother passed away while Thomas was only 5 years old. Thomas dropped out of high school in the 10th grade to work full time at a restaurant and later was mentored buy none other than Harlan “Colonel” Sanders of KFC fame. Long an advocate for adoption, we would like to think that Thomas would be elated with the idea of consumers getting access to Adoption guides online in an easy and very affordable manner.  Thomas, lamenting dropping out of school, later did in fact earn his GED in 1993. Certainly noteworthy!

Maybe the most popular figure of American Ingenuity and certainly one of the most world renowned leaders of Business is none other than Apple founder and SEO Steve Jobs.  Born Steven Paul, Paul was later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in 1955. Ironic that as an online ebook provider of Adoption Guides and Adoption Information, GraceForms owes as much debt of gratitude to Jobs as anyone. Jobs and Apple probably did more for the computer industry then anyone short of Bill Gates and even that would be debatable….lest we delve into the Apple versus Microsoft debate.

And no list of famous adopted celebrities would be complete without mention of Norma Jean Baker, better known by the name Marilyn Monroe.  Born in 1926 to a mentally unstable mother, Monroe lived the first 7 years of her live with Albert and Ida Bolender. Later changing her name to Marilyn Monroe she was and is to Cinema and the glamour of Hollywood what Steve Jobs is to technology. We do not have the space to go into Monroe’s story but certainly suggest to others to read more as it is about as fascinating yet tragic as any story can be.

As a leading provider of How to Adopt information and Adoption Guide Ebooks, Grace Forms hopes you enjoyed this information regarding some of the most well known celebrities and historical figures who were adopted.

How to Adopt a Child Adoption Guide and Ebook

At, we are committed to helping people improve the quality of their lives themselves.  Although this might be on back tax help or some other area, we also offer guides that describe how to adopt a child.  Having a cousin who is adopted, I was able to see what my aunt and uncle went through in order to adopt my cousin, and it is anything but a simple, straightforward adoption process.  If you and your growing family are considering adding another child, adoption is a wonderful way of providing a child with a chance of a better life.

One thing to consider in any adoption guide is from where you would like to adopt a child.  Although celebrities are known for adopting from other countries half a world away, this is something that many couples consider as well.  My aunt and uncle decided to adopt a child from Russia shortly after the demise of the Soviet Union, as the nations that it comprised faced an uncertain future.  In their case, they made the journey from California to St. Petersburg and could not be happier.

My cousin was four years old when she was brought over here from Russia.  The orphanage made some suggestions about how to acclimate my cousin to life here.  Their adoption guide differed from what my aunt and uncle felt was necessary, and when their plane arrived, all three of them went straight from the airport to the beach.  Growing up in a bare, gray, Soviet orphanage, leaving the only world you ever knew, and going to a Southern California beach with sunshine, water, and sand was, as the orphanage expected, a little much for my cousin to handle.

Another situation that caused a lot of angst for my aunt and uncle when my cousin first came to the States was, for lack of a better term, her lack of socialization.  Most places are reluctant to tell people when they are learning how to adopt a child, especially abroad, that many of these children do not receive proper or adequate personal interaction or contact.  The fear likely stems from those running the institutions not wanting to dissuade prospective couples from adopting.  However, it is a disservice to both the child and the parents, as, although they should expect some shyness at first, months of avoidance from a three or four year old is unnerving to say the least.

My cousin has grown into a gorgeous, brilliant, and well adjusted young woman, and the whole family, nuclear and extended, could not be more proud of her.  My aunt and uncle provided a child whose future was uncertain on the day she was taken from her St. Petersburg orphanage with the life they had hoped she would have here in the States.  Yet, when they started the process, they had no idea how to adopt a child, but that did not stop them.    The result was a good life that, although not always easy, not always fair, was far better than how it could have turned out.

Celebrities Need Back Tax Help too

It’s a cliché, but completely true:  “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  Just because celebrities make a lot more than the average American does not mean that they know how to manage that money better.  In fact, some celebrities have lost as much as 280 times the average American household’s income.  When the tax man comes knockin’, though, then finding a good back tax guide would certainly be helpful for some of these top stars.  Even if you have not lost the amount that some of these A-thru-C list names have, our guides are perfectly attuned to helping you solve your tax issues.

When your spending habits are more out of hand that Lindsay Lohan, or Pamela Anderson, chances are, you could probably use some back tax help too.  Some of the names that should have realized that even celebrities have to pay back taxes range from Ozzy Osbourne (who owed $1.7 million in back taxes) to Chris Tucker (who owes a staggering $12 million in unpaid taxes).  How someone “forgets” or is unaware that they owe millions of dollars in taxes is more than a little bit perplexing.  Are not these the same people who buy Swarovski crystal iPhone cases?

Not everyone gets away scot-free, though, as some celebrities have actually been arrested for their failure to pay back taxes.  Rapper Method Man was arrested for failing to pay $33,000, but this is nothing by comparison to some other bogus-tax alumni.  And who might that be?  Why, none other than Wesley Snipes, who received a three-year prison sentence for failing to pay $17 million in back taxes.  Apparently, the threshold for going to prison for years like Snipes, and slipping through the cracks like Chris Tucker lies somewhere between his $12 million and the $17 million that the daywalker owed.

No, having tons of money does not come with the ability manage that amount of money.  Perhaps it should be a requirement that the IRS send those owing these amounts a back tax guide, but then again, part of the reason most of these people are being so persistently sought (well, more specifically, their money) is that the government is too broke.  Without getting political, it is no mystery that governments are looking to collect where ever they are able.

Back Tax Help, Facebook, & US Citizenship

Eduardo Saverin is in hot water with some of the political big dogs on Capitol Hill.  Senators Chuck Shumer and Bob Casey announced that they will be pushing a bill that keeps highly-successful expats from re-entering the US if they renounce their citizenship, since it will be assumed that it was done for tax reasons.  After all, a person does not need back tax help if they are not citizens.  Unless they can prove to the IRS that, no, they are not dodging taxes, but are like every other person who renounces their citizenship who is not wildly wealthy, then they will face not just prevention from entering the US, but also be subject to a 30% capital gains tax on any US investments made after renouncing their citizenship.

There’s only one problem:  Saverin does not have to pay back taxes, since he is current for the time in which he was a citizen, and has agreed to pay “hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes to the United States government…on everything I earned while a U.S. citizen,” to use his own words.  That means, even if the reasoning behind the two senators’ bill was valid (which it is not), they are still not going to be any piece of that big Facebook pie.  Some have wondered if this bill would mean that his Facebook fortune is subject to those taxes, but since Saverin renounced his citizenship prior to Facebook’s IPO, the government has no claim to any part of that.  Therein lays the problem for the senator.  Lots of money that they feel they could have had, but it slipped through their fingers.

And one has to pause and wonder, does the fact that wealthy producers are fleeing the United States serve to benefit anyone and does a high ranking member of the Senate demonizing such actions going to hasten the swift exit? With so many people looking for a quality back tax guide, it makes little sense for the senators to be so committed to getting this one person, who renounced his citizenship in January 2011, well before any talk of Facebook’s IPO were even considered.  One question to ponder is what rate would be high enough to take in revenue and at the same time low enough for those in the high income to stay in the country?

Making matters worse are those who think of countries with low tax rates as somehow undercutting the US and using the phrase “off shore tax haven” as a negative connotation. The facts are we are now a global society and never before has it been as easy to shop around to see which countries are most advantageous for maximizing one’s personal finances. Throw in those who can now do business via the internet and not locked into one geographical area and this flight is understandable. If someone in need of back tax help can do the math and see that the country of Singapore will fill their pockets at a higher rate than if they lived in Santa Monica, California and it is not a mystery as to why and how successful people make the decision to leave the US.  Particularly for those who have no emotional attachment to a state or a country, picking the best country in which to live is almost as blasé of choice as what toppings to order on your pizza.   We can either demonize and punish those seeking greener pastures-or make our own greener pasture right here at home.

Scholarship Help: How to get a Scholarship

With the economy struggling and jobs hard to find, many people are looking at going back to school as an option until things improve.  There is a problem with that, though: how do you get the money for school if you have no job, which is the reason you are going to school in the first place?  For most people, that means searching for college scholarship opportunities, as student debt becomes an increasingly larger white elephant in the Economic Crisis Room.  However, there are a number of benefits that scholarships offer over student loans, not the least of which would be that you do not have to pay for scholarships.

One thing that keeps many people from getting college scholarships is that they do not know how to get a scholarship.  If you are reading this, though, then that is no longer a valid excuse, as we at have a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide that takes you, the prospective student, from start to finish through the application process.  Even still, though, the process is not as difficult as many people fear, and best of all, there is no interest to pay back.  It is (in some cases) a free ride to padding your resume and reaching personal goals.

The competition for those looking for scholarship help is tough; there’s no denying that.  The simple fact that qualifying for a scholarship is an accomplishment worthy of putting on your resume makes it even more challenging.  However, every journey begins with the first step, as they say, and in this case that means researching what is available, and what you qualify for.  Expecting a scholarship to simply fall into your lap is not going to happen.  Today, getting a college scholarship means being active, and persistent.  Think about it:  do you want to give money to someone who sits around and waits for it, or goes after what they want?

The next step is finding areas that apply to you.  You probably will not be looking for a college scholarship from the United Negro College Fund if your name is Ivan Kovalenko.  Equally important, though, is knowing what a school has to offer in terms of its available scholarships.  For instance, Arizona State University probably is not going to be offering a scholarship to those researching the arctic fox, but very well may have a number of programs dedicated to those interested in studying the saguaro cactus.  Finding a scholarship that works for you in most cases is less important than finding a school that is right for you.

If, however, you are a member of an underrepresented group of people, these can be some of the easiest and the best scholarship help to take advantage of, and in many cases, some schools do have a policy of preferred enrollment for those individuals.  All in all, though, depending on how many scholarships you apply for, you should end up with one or two college scholarships to show for your efforts.

How to get a grant; Your all purpose grant guide

Many people assume that there is plenty of money to go around in the form of grants, despite the fact that our government is trillions of dollars in debt.  To some extent, this is true.  Do you know how to get a grant, though?  For most people, that is the biggest hurdle in getting a grant; they just do not know how it is done.  Luckily, for those people, has a comprehensive guide for getting a government grant that fits for you in as little time as possible, so you can start making your dreams into a reality.

One of the most crucial things to point out, which is also mentioned in our guide to government grants, is that a grant is not just “free money”.  Instead, the government gives a person or organization the money with the expectation that certain obligations will be fulfilled.  Further, there is oversight and regulations issued by the government, in addition to using the money spent for specific uses and purposes, and if there are any changes, they must first be approved of by the government before being enacted, all within the specified timeframe outlined in the grant.  To top it off, you have to be successful, too.  So, definitely not going up to a window for a check and saying, “Yes, Uncle Sam, this is what I plan on doing with the money–thanks!”

Simply decoding the instructions given by the government on how to get a grant should be grant-worthy, let alone applying for it.  It is a mind-bending process that only the most tenacious are capable of seeing through to the other side.  It is such a hassle, in fact, that often times companies will hire full-time grant applicants, dealing solely with finding and applying for grants!  However, once you know what to look for, and what is required, it becomes far easier to get these grants ad apply for them.

Unfortunately, because of budget cuts and a weak economy, getting grants today is more difficult than ever, not just because of the requirements to get the grant, but also because of the amount of competition increasing for each grant.  Additionally, on the federal level, the list of who can apply is surprisingly short.  This makes having a good grant guide so vital to those looking for grants, as this usually means, unless you run a non-profit or other exception, you will be limited to local and state grants.

When most people are looking for a guide to government grants, they are usually doing so in order to obtain money for starting or expanding their business.  State and local programs are available, but, as stated earlier, there are strings attached.  In some cases, it might be better to seek other options of financing a business than looking for a grant, but if the conditions of getting a grant do not bother you, then you will need a solid grant guide, and has the best guide around.

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