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Online Guides for Divorce Facts; How Young and Old Relate to Divorce


Not long ago, Michigan State University conducted a study that suggested that older couples were more likely to handle the stress of divorce better than younger couples, which they attributed to maturity and more fully developed coping mechanisms.  The study showed that young couples who go through divorce tended to have more negative health effects even.

Although it might anger the younger crowd, there could be some validity to those claims.  Every first experience is wrought with emotion.  Everything is new, raw, and often rather terrifying–even the good things.  The first date, the first homerun, the first mountain climbed; there is that sense of excitement that comes from something new.  The union of marriage is no different, nor is the process of divorce; a certain amount of adrenaline comes with every new experience.

For those who have been married multiple times, they can attest that divorce gets easier with each subsequent filing.  Sure, marriage is a joyous occasion, but like a drug, it isn’t the same as the first time the more often you do it.  Divorce is much the same.  Anything with a sense of familiarity will have less impact than the first time.  No one considers the child custody agreement, or the spousal support that is due at the end of a marriage, except for those who have gone through the divorce process before.

Divorce does not need to be a messy or ugly affair, though.  If it is uncontested and without fault, a divorce can be a relatively easy process compared to the one we so often think of when we hear the word.  Instead, it can be a civil, respectful parting of ways with the lowest court costs and associated fees.  For many younger people, those fees often make divorce a far more difficult proposition as well.  Add to that the emotional growth still taking place up until the mid-to-late 20s, and it becomes quickly apparent why this could be a far more difficult endeavor for the young people looking for divorce.

In many circumstances, this financial hardship plays a role in the divorce of these couples as well.  With the state of the economy and job market in particular, disposable income is a rare commodity, and going out for a few drinks with the guys or girls just to get a clear head isn’t an option.  Add in the resentment that comes when one person feeling unappreciated, or that their livelihood rests upon their shoulders, and it is a recipe for a divorce.

At, though, we offer the guidance and resources necessary to get through this difficult time, regardless of age or circumstances that surround the breakup.  Young people may not have much money to spend on traditional avenues of filing for divorce, but just about anyone can afford our guides of how to go through a divorce and life after divorce.  Our experts have assembled the resources you need to get through a divorce with a minimum of expense, hassle, and time.