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Adoption and Divorce

Many people never begin the process of learning how to adopt a child because they fear it could make the life more difficult for the child in the event of a divorce.  However, many of these assumptions are either misinformation, or just flat-out wrong.

The most troublesome myth we often hear is that a divorce voids and nullifies an adoption.  This just isn’t true.  Although this can be the case with foster care, when you adopt a child, that child is legally your child from then onwards, as if it you had been the one to give birth.  If the adoption has not been finalized, the court and the adoption agency may both determine if the parents are suitable in spite of the divorce, or may even grant custody and support to one parent, depending on the circumstances.

Provided that the agency feels you are still a fit and good parent, past or multiple divorces typically don’t play a role.  Of course, all this depends on what it means to the stability of your household, and how that stability (or lack thereof) can affect the child.  This is also assuming that the adoption is within the United States.  Outside the US, some countries will not allow adoption by someone who has been divorced before.

We have even heard some people claim that parents who adopt are also more likely to file for divorce.  This is not only wrong, but data and logic supports the contrary.  Although not true for all couples, many of those who are looking to adopt a child are doing so because of infertility, which causes a lot of emotional, financial, and mental stress on a relationship.  It stands to reason, then, that if a marriage is able to survive the stress leading up to the goal of adoption, the adoption itself would be far less stressful on the relationship.  Further, it motivates both parents to put forth more effort to make the relationship work since so much time, energy, and resources were exerted in order to adopt.

Adoption brings a lot of happiness to many lives the world over.  Don’t let misinformation prevent you from finding that same happiness.

Child Support Reaches for the Stars

Child support and spousal support are a common thing that many people face.  Those who choose to disregard their obligations in this area face stiff repercussions both from society and from the courts.  In comparison to some of the payments that celebrities have to pay, no one really has an excuse to dodge their child support payments, as some of these sums are quite high.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons was ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to pay $40,000 a month until his two daughters are 19 and a half.  Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell’s ex-wife has sole custody of the two girls, ages 9 and 6.  We understand the need for child support payments to support a child, but $80,000 a month seems, well, “excessive” is probably the nicest way to say it.  But, Russell is handling it well, stating that, so long as he has money, his daughters will have money too.  It kind of puts things into perspective when a guy can afford to fork over $80 thousand a month and be happy about it.

Rapper Nas is reported to have to pay more than $51,000 a month.  Although this is a combination of spousal support and child support, the rapper has since had his payments halved by the courts.  The singer was at one point married to the “Milkshake” singer, which makes the couple’s divorce more than a little bit ironic considering that rumors of infidelity are what ended the couple’s marriage.  Nas commented that the amount he was expected to pay was more than what a lot of his fellow hip-hoppers were making annually, and although it has not been smooth sailing, it looks like the payments are current.

Not all celebs who have monstrous child support payments are involved in hip-hop, though.  New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur is looking at significant payment each year totaling $500,000.  If the Devils win the Stanley Cup this year, it will help soften the blow, but that is unlikely, as the Los Angeles Kings are expected to come out on top.  According to those representing the parties, the lifestyle that was established during the marriage necessitated the alimony and child support payments reaching the levels that they did.  Four children necessitating $500,000 a year per child seems a bit much, but at least there is an expiration to it–originally, it was indefinitely.

To wrap it up, and to show that women can do anything that men can do (in some cases, better), although Britney Spears has a comparatively low payment of $20,00 a month, but she is not the recipient.  No, Kevin Federline receives $20,000 a month for child support payments after the erratic behavior the pop star showed landed her in the hospital and her father being named the conservator of her estate.  Federline has always been teased by the media, but frankly, we are not aware of any other guys who had kids with a pop icon and now gets twenty grand a month.

Collecting Child Support; The Time is Now!


Without question the last several years and the subsequent economic down turn has been an agonizing experience for most Americans.  Trying to scrimp and save every last penny to make ends meet is an issue all too familiar for those in working families and single mothers trying to put food on the table. Yet, many families are entitled to additional forms of revenue in the form of collecting child support that could go a long way to making ends meet as well as providing for the basic day to day necessity’s that working families need. seeks to help numerous families with collecting child support by providing additional sources of information in an easy to download ebook. We can only speculate just how much money is owed in the United States collectively but we do know that there are over 16millon custodial parents are not receiving their court ordered child support. We realize the phenomena of the dead beat dad is one that can leave a lot of people feeling hopeless, but due to the recent public outcry and attention given to the matter there are more resources than ever that can be utilized towards getting the child support legally entitled to you under the law.

Some recent reports out of Rhode Island suggest 17,000 custodial parents are owe an estimated $292 in back child support from former partners and spouses. Now, being that Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in the US, we can only speculate what the true number is for those who are looking atcollecting child support for their families. We do know however that can offer you the resources to actively dispute and petition for the child support funds rightfully owed. Indeed, no one ever said the system was perfect, but at least has made it as easy as possible to start the process of collecting back child support.

We understand that this is a difficult situation for anyone to be in, and we truly empathize. For some, this must appear to be a dead-end street with no chance of being compensated. And when it comes to collecting child support there are not nearly the amount of resources for information that you need to make the best possible educated decision on how to proceed. That’s why our Collecting Child Support ebook is easy to read with plain simple language that can give you all the information you need to get started.

Collecting child support  does not have to be a guessing game, nor does it have to be a tribulation unto itself. Knowing what to do, and when to do it, is the first step towards collecting child support you are entitled to by law.  At, we have everything you need to get started collecting those funds as quickly and easily as possible, without having to spend unneeded fees on lawyers.  Instead, you can start the process yourself and save time and energy that is better spent with your family, and not worrying whether or not you are going to get by.

Back Child Support Online Ebooks; Histories Prolific Offspring

Back child support is something that no one wants to deal with, but for those with children and not married to the other parent, this can quickly become a burden to your everyday life as well as your actual freedom.  For many who cannot make the payments, there is a genuine desire to want to do right to both baby and “baby mama”, but after some time, the responsibility seems to wear off for some–especially when you owe child support to 11 different women because of the 30 different children you have with them.

Yes, you heard right.  Thirty children.  Back child support to thirty children, with 11 different mothers.  That is the Mount Olympus-sized obstacle standing in the way of Desmond Hackett, as the 33-year old man attempts to get a reduction in his child support payments.  Shockingly–in the least sincere sense of the word–Hackett is unable to support all these children with his minimum-wage job, and the state is already taking 50% of his pay.  It is hard to feel sympathy for Hackett, as the man is putting not only himself, his children, and the mothers of his children in a pickle, but also the state of Tennessee.

In fact, aside from celebrities, royalty, or polygamist sects, Hackett has the most legitimately fathered illegitimate children ever.  It sounds like a weird way of phrasing it, but, aside from non-royal, non-celeb, non-polygamists; there was a fertility doctor who illegitimately fathered the most illegitimate children by using his own sperm to impregnate his patients who has more than double the amount of children Hackett does.  Back child support does not seem like such a huge obstacle when the unscrupulous doctor (who fathered 75 children) received prison time and a revocation of his medical license.

The winner for the most fathered children, and largest back child support nightmare, though, is Moulay Ismaïl Ibn Sharif, the 18th century Moroccan sultan.  According to some accounts, Sharif fathered as many as 867 children.  Of those children, 525 happened to be sons, while 342 were daughters.  Although Sharif was a sultan, 867 children undoubtedly would have put a hurt on his finances far worse than Hackett’s.  It is unknown how many wives and concubines were made into mothers by Sharif, but it suffices to say that it is probably a lot more than the 11 that Hackett is currently doling out his paycheck to.

Imagine if Hackett had to pay back child support for all his descendants, though.  Even though Genghis Khan only had four sons, he is thought to have descendents numbering in the millions, going as high as 16 million.  If Genghis was alive today, and was required to pay the minimum payment ($1.49) that Hackett must each month, that would result in a grand total payment of $23,840,000 per month.  Who knows, maybe Hackett will be the next Genghis Khan, and six centuries down the line, 60 million people have a direct lineage to him.  Maybe he is on to something…nah, he isn’t.

From How to Adopt a Child to Back Tax Help; Grace Forms to the Rescue

At, we feel that you should be able to reach your aspirations without obstacles.  There are a lot of things that many people do that seem esoteric, yet at the same time, they seem so commonplace that it feels as though everyone should know how to do it automatically.  Thanks to the internet, information is at the tip of your fingertips on nearly every topic imaginable, and at, we have the information you need to get a college scholarship, for example, or how to adopt a childThe process has never been easier, and with our guides, it hasn’t been more affordable, either!

For instance, many people need back tax help, but how do you get that help if you don’t have the money to pay your taxes in the first place?  Seems counter-intuitive, so we decided to provide those people with a back tax guide that everyone can use themselves, quickly, easily, and at low cost.  With a little time and patience, you can take the steps necessary to pay back taxes in a way that will be most beneficial to you.

With the economy today, people are looking to make money in just about every way imaginable.  One option that is becoming increasingly popular is getting government grants.  How to get a grant is easy once you know what is involved, but what exactly goes into the process?  If you have ever tried getting a grant through the website, you should be given money on the spot just for figuring it out!  At, though, our guide to government grants takes out all the mystery and outlines how you can quickly and easily get the grants that you are eligible for.

Perhaps you are considering making a new addition to the family, and knowing how many kids out there need a loving home, decide to look at adoption.  The only problem is, how to adopt a child is not exactly everyday conversation material.  With our adoption guide, we describe the process, the fees, regulations, and what is needed when adopting a new family member.  Now that the steps and the process are all laid out, adoption looks more and more like the best option.

When that child grows up and makes his or her way to college, there is another issue:  that of how to get a scholarship College is expensive, and with student debt at the levels it’s a now, getting a college scholarship is the only option available for many people.  Getting scholarship help can be easy when you know how it’s done, and with, we provide everything you need to find the funds necessary to get your suddenly-not-so-young youngsters what they need to go on to higher education and better futures.

Unfortunately, though, things do not always work out so well.  Sometimes, it is in everyone’s best interest for a family to separate.  Sadly, though, the children get stuck in the middle, and particularly for single mothers, collecting child support can be a huge obstacle.  Before they know it, back child support has mounted into the thousands of dollars, and it feels as though nothing can be done to see a dime of it.  When money is tight, has guides that will help you do to get the child support that is owed to you.

Whatever your needs are, appreciates the DIY spirit.  There’s nothing a little hard work and persistence can’t fix, and we want to make sure you can get the knowledge you need to make that reality happen.

Welcome to Grace Forms! Your Online Ebook Resource Headquarters

Welcome to, your online ebook store and guide resource center!  We are really excited about what we have to offer you, and this being our first blog post, we thought we would give you a better idea of how we can help you get the documents and papers you need to achieve your goals.

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