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Grace Forms Adoption Guides and Ebooks; Notable Figures of Adoption is revolutionizing the way we get information. Regardless if you are looking for Back Tax Help, How to get a scholarship, or in the case of today’s blog regarding Adoption Guide Ebooks, GraceForms will be your premiere source of information and an easy way to get what you are looking for.  We know a lot about adoption….and we mean A LOT! So it was interesting that during one of our discussion meetings we started asking the question of “Who are some well known celebrities who were adopted?”  We had thought that we had covered all areas of the adoption process and answering the question of “How to Adopt a Child” until this subject came up. As a matter of fact, we found the subject so fascinating that we thought we would share it with you.

You do not have to be a sports fan to know the name of Babe Ruth. He is arguably the most legendary and towering figure in our countries history when it comes to sports.  He was also adopted.  Of course that was long before anyone had even thought up the notion of online adoption guide’s. As a matter of fact Ruth was 7 years old and the year was 1902 when his father sent him to the St Mary’s Industrial School for boys. It was at the orphanage and reform school where Ruth learned the game of baseball. The rest they say is History.

And while he may not be as famous as McDonalds architect Ray Kroc, Wendy’s founder,  owner, and CEO Dave Thomas was also a notable figure in the Unites States who adopted. Adopted at birth, his mother passed away while Thomas was only 5 years old. Thomas dropped out of high school in the 10th grade to work full time at a restaurant and later was mentored buy none other than Harlan “Colonel” Sanders of KFC fame. Long an advocate for adoption, we would like to think that Thomas would be elated with the idea of consumers getting access to Adoption guides online in an easy and very affordable manner.  Thomas, lamenting dropping out of school, later did in fact earn his GED in 1993. Certainly noteworthy!

Maybe the most popular figure of American Ingenuity and certainly one of the most world renowned leaders of Business is none other than Apple founder and SEO Steve Jobs.  Born Steven Paul, Paul was later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in 1955. Ironic that as an online ebook provider of Adoption Guides and Adoption Information, GraceForms owes as much debt of gratitude to Jobs as anyone. Jobs and Apple probably did more for the computer industry then anyone short of Bill Gates and even that would be debatable….lest we delve into the Apple versus Microsoft debate.

And no list of famous adopted celebrities would be complete without mention of Norma Jean Baker, better known by the name Marilyn Monroe.  Born in 1926 to a mentally unstable mother, Monroe lived the first 7 years of her live with Albert and Ida Bolender. Later changing her name to Marilyn Monroe she was and is to Cinema and the glamour of Hollywood what Steve Jobs is to technology. We do not have the space to go into Monroe’s story but certainly suggest to others to read more as it is about as fascinating yet tragic as any story can be.

As a leading provider of How to Adopt information and Adoption Guide Ebooks, Grace Forms hopes you enjoyed this information regarding some of the most well known celebrities and historical figures who were adopted.

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