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Celebrities Need Back Tax Help too

It’s a cliché, but completely true:  “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  Just because celebrities make a lot more than the average American does not mean that they know how to manage that money better.  In fact, some celebrities have lost as much as 280 times the average American household’s income.  When the tax man comes knockin’, though, then finding a good back tax guide would certainly be helpful for some of these top stars.  Even if you have not lost the amount that some of these A-thru-C list names have, our guides are perfectly attuned to helping you solve your tax issues.

When your spending habits are more out of hand that Lindsay Lohan, or Pamela Anderson, chances are, you could probably use some back tax help too.  Some of the names that should have realized that even celebrities have to pay back taxes range from Ozzy Osbourne (who owed $1.7 million in back taxes) to Chris Tucker (who owes a staggering $12 million in unpaid taxes).  How someone “forgets” or is unaware that they owe millions of dollars in taxes is more than a little bit perplexing.  Are not these the same people who buy Swarovski crystal iPhone cases?

Not everyone gets away scot-free, though, as some celebrities have actually been arrested for their failure to pay back taxes.  Rapper Method Man was arrested for failing to pay $33,000, but this is nothing by comparison to some other bogus-tax alumni.  And who might that be?  Why, none other than Wesley Snipes, who received a three-year prison sentence for failing to pay $17 million in back taxes.  Apparently, the threshold for going to prison for years like Snipes, and slipping through the cracks like Chris Tucker lies somewhere between his $12 million and the $17 million that the daywalker owed.

No, having tons of money does not come with the ability manage that amount of money.  Perhaps it should be a requirement that the IRS send those owing these amounts a back tax guide, but then again, part of the reason most of these people are being so persistently sought (well, more specifically, their money) is that the government is too broke.  Without getting political, it is no mystery that governments are looking to collect where ever they are able.

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