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Back child support is something that no one wants to deal with, but for those with children and not married to the other parent, this can quickly become a burden to your everyday life as well as your actual freedom.  For many who cannot make the payments, there is a genuine desire to want to do right to both baby and “baby mama”, but after some time, the responsibility seems to wear off for some–especially when you owe child support to 11 different women because of the 30 different children you have with them.

Yes, you heard right.  Thirty children.  Back child support to thirty children, with 11 different mothers.  That is the Mount Olympus-sized obstacle standing in the way of Desmond Hackett, as the 33-year old man attempts to get a reduction in his child support payments.  Shockingly–in the least sincere sense of the word–Hackett is unable to support all these children with his minimum-wage job, and the state is already taking 50% of his pay.  It is hard to feel sympathy for Hackett, as the man is putting not only himself, his children, and the mothers of his children in a pickle, but also the state of Tennessee.

In fact, aside from celebrities, royalty, or polygamist sects, Hackett has the most legitimately fathered illegitimate children ever.  It sounds like a weird way of phrasing it, but, aside from non-royal, non-celeb, non-polygamists; there was a fertility doctor who illegitimately fathered the most illegitimate children by using his own sperm to impregnate his patients who has more than double the amount of children Hackett does.  Back child support does not seem like such a huge obstacle when the unscrupulous doctor (who fathered 75 children) received prison time and a revocation of his medical license.

The winner for the most fathered children, and largest back child support nightmare, though, is Moulay Ismaïl Ibn Sharif, the 18th century Moroccan sultan.  According to some accounts, Sharif fathered as many as 867 children.  Of those children, 525 happened to be sons, while 342 were daughters.  Although Sharif was a sultan, 867 children undoubtedly would have put a hurt on his finances far worse than Hackett’s.  It is unknown how many wives and concubines were made into mothers by Sharif, but it suffices to say that it is probably a lot more than the 11 that Hackett is currently doling out his paycheck to.

Imagine if Hackett had to pay back child support for all his descendants, though.  Even though Genghis Khan only had four sons, he is thought to have descendents numbering in the millions, going as high as 16 million.  If Genghis was alive today, and was required to pay the minimum payment ($1.49) that Hackett must each month, that would result in a grand total payment of $23,840,000 per month.  Who knows, maybe Hackett will be the next Genghis Khan, and six centuries down the line, 60 million people have a direct lineage to him.  Maybe he is on to something…nah, he isn’t.

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